Stream iTunes Music into Several Devices by using AirPlay

AirPlay and also iTunes allow you to stream music and songs to many devices all together. Which means you will surely have exactly the same music and songs playing on your current computer’s desktop synchronized together with devices in other areas, such as an iPhone and also apple ipod touch plugged into a audio dock, an Apple Tv set inside the living room space, a media center performing XBMC, or perhaps a different Macintosh and also Windows Personal computer in other places within the network, for as long as the computer carries with it an AirPlay receiver application operating with it.

You may need all of the following to begin with:

  •  iTunes 11 or maybe later
  • At the very least a single AirPlay receiver (software or maybe hardware) to receive the music activity stream

In case you don’t own an AirPlay receiver such as Apple TV but nevertheless have considered trying this method, give some thought to search for an application just like Reflector or maybe XBMC. Reflector provides a free trial version and makes it possible for mirroring, and XBMC is free of charge, operates just like a full fledged media center, and it also works on Mac pc, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi’s, Android, and much more. Perhaps application is perfect for the requirements of functioning as an AirPlay receiver, and perhaps will take the music steady stream from iTunes.

How to Stream iTunes Music to Several AirPlay Devices

For interesting outcomes, get more AirPlay receivers available.

  • Have the AirPlay receivers all set, which means Apple TV is definitely switched on, as well as receiver applications such as XBMC, Reflector, for example, are operating with their particular devices
  • From the pc to stream music and songs through, start iTunes and begin playing a song

stream itunes airplay several device

  • Click the AirPlay symbol together with the volume level slider to pull down the menus and then click “Multiple”
  • Go through the AirPlay receiver device(s) you would like to stream the music and songs to “Computer” is the local machine, always keep that checked in case you don’t expect your computer running i-tunes to play music at the same time. Various devices might be displayed by their hardware Identity or sharing labels. Remember that you are able to change the volume level separately on each one of the AirPlay receiving devices, which means you don’t need to move around to another rooms to change volume levels in case you don’t prefer to, because the AirPlay feature of iTunes allows you to control them all from one spot.


Music have to play correctly synchronized everywhere, providing you with a house-wide multi channel audio stereo system. In case music is somewhat off it’ll normally handle itself immediately, however sometimes poor wi-fi signals and internet connections will keep to have problems right up until the actual network issue is resolved.

Streaming to A Single AirPlay Receiver

To stream all audio into a single device:

  • From iTunes, pull down the AirPlay menu once more and then click the “Single” navigation bars
  • Select just the device you would like to stream to

This tends to stop the music playing on your computer, and on the other hand send it just to play at the receiver. Outside of iTunes, this also could be done straight from the Audio pulldown navigation in OS X.

Turning Off AirPlay Music Streams

Disabling the stream and also returning music to the computer operating iTunes is simply a subject regarding choosing it as a sole output:

turn off itunes airplay stream

  • Pull down the AirPlay selection, select “Single”, and select only “Computer”


This is usually an excellent feature to use for events and also parties, or if perhaps you’re just working at home and would like to have exactly the same music and songs actively playing in every single place. I’ve also noticed a few creative uses where a variety of AirPlay receivers are placed around a room to make wireless surround sound for video, considering that the streaming works well with all sorts of audio including movies.

This AirPlay plug-in is apparently new with iTunes 11, don’t be shocked in case you can’t discover it in earlier versions.