iPod Nano 7th Generation Specs and Price info


After the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch, Apple is also introduced the latest iPod Nano which is the 7th generation. The iPod Nano comes with fresh design and more exciting capabilities. This tiny and elegant Gadget use multitouch screen 2.5 inches wide with a thickness reduced 40% from the previous generation, only 5.4 mm.

We can play videos or clips on iPod Nano with its widescreen display. iPod nano is not equipped with internet features, but it comes with bluetooth. The battery can last up to 30 hours when used to play music.

On every purchase for iPod Nano, will include a special earPods designed by Apple professional designers which convenient use for your ears. As with other iPod generation, Nano also presents many attractive colors.

IPod Nano the “7th Generation” Price

This latest-generation iPod Nano available in the market with price of $144.95 at Amazon with 16GB capacity and Newest Model.